The translation of Nahjul Balagha

The Subject of Book :

With 25 incomparable research feature has given all kind of historical scientific, political and teachings information This book has been printed in more them two million copies within five years, which is a some of features are as here: 1- Subjecting the concepts of Nahjul Balaghah (2730 subjects) in Arabic and Persian texts. 2- Naming the sermons, letters and advices (1500 names). 3- Some indications to the new arts and sciences. 4- Generalization of translation. 5- Observing the law of message delivery in adverbs. 6- Right explanation of similar phrases and complicated sentences. 7- Noting of historical points and geographical places in the footnote. 8- Noting the name of persons and places in the footnote. 9- Inserting the cause of offering sermons, letters and advices. 10- Subjective list of around 18000 of general and detail titles. 11- Noting the necessary explanations in the footnote. 12- The solution of apparent contraries. 13- Noting the differences of copies. 14- Numbering the Arabic text. 15- Noting the general subjects of sermons, letters and advices (such as political, ethical and economical). 16- The translation of Sayyed Razi’s explanations with the title of “I say:”. 17- Noting the references of pronouns according to the Imam’s point of view. 18- Noting the addressee of Imam (As) in the Nahjul Balaghah. 19- Correct explanation of general and particular or conditional and unconditional phrases. 20- Narrating the correct purposes of Imam (As) in discussions of believing values and bases. 21- Nothing the addresses of Qur’anic verses in the footnote. 22- Noting some necessary poems. 23- Nothing the documents of some available Ahadith in the book. 24- Noting the necessary statistics and numbers. 25- Indicating the criticism of current sects in the footnote. 26- Noting the table of different copies of Nahjul Balaghah 27- Correction of addresses and words in the translation and list.

Headings :

َAuthor : Muhammad Dashti (May God mercy him)

Size : foolscap

Pages : 752

Price : 25000 Toomans